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UK / Wales / Ceredigion

Vale of Rheidol Steam Railway

Park Avenue, Aberystwyth, SY23 1PG

The railway has a special place in history as it has operated continuously since our first passenger train on the 22nd December 1902, making 2023 our 120th year of operation.

That is not the only special anniversary we will be celebrating during 2023; the 1st January marked 100 years since we became owned by the Great Western Railway, and this is highly significant as our three unique tank locomotives were built in their Swindon works with engine No.7 & 8 being delivered in 1923 and 1213/9 following in 1924. So this year we get to celebrate the centenary of our ‘Rheidol Tanks’ too.

Later in the year, we will also be opening our new Multi Function Display Space building, which is our fully restored 1930s Great Western locomotive shed, in which we will be putting on show some of the engines from all around the world that form the VoR’s Collection. These engines were saved for preservation by our late chairman, Peter Rampton, most of these engines being on display for the first time.

This all not forgetting that we will see the entry to service of our second custom first class carriage, which provides a luxurious experience reminiscent of times gone by, complemented with big observation windows in the end of the carriage. Each carriage has a custom painting by the renowned wildlife artist, Terence Lambert, and custom mosaics at the carriage entry points, with each carriage having differing unique artworks. Both coaches being built in house by our skilled craftsmen, from the construction joinery to the detailed beautiful wooden interior to the hand finished paintwork on the outside.

In addition, 2023 will see the culmination of our ‘Wales to the World’ project, which provides an improved visitor experience at our Aberystwyth station. We will be opening our brand new booking office and shop and our expanded visitor parking facility at the start of the season

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