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Birdworld is one of England’s largest bird parks.

Just two miles from Farnham, Birdworld nestles on the edge of the ancient Alice Holt Forest and is home to over 1000 birds from around 180 different species.
Set in 26 acres of beautiful landscaped grounds, the birds range from parrots, two colonies of penguins, owls, emus and two species of flamingos, you will be amazed at the variety!
As well as the popular exhibits including The Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament, Penguin Beach and the Silent Forest Songbird Aviaries, visitors can enjoy a range of unique daily shows including Penguin Feeding, Animal Encounter Session, a Discovery Theatre Show and the well-loved Outdoor Flying Display.
In addition to birds, Birdworld is also home to the Jenny Wren Farm where visitors can meet all manner of animals such as pigs, sheep, rabbits, mice and even reindeer!