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High Altitude Trampoline Park

Number 1 Trampoline Park in the city of Norwich where you can literally bounce off the walls! Get your heart racing on the huge bouncy field of trampolines, launch off the walls and fly through the air onto the big squishy airbag. Enjoy endless amounts of active family fun and lots of laughter.

PLUS you can enjoy all of this too: 
Show your under 5's that the sky's the limit at High Altitude!
There are musical corners for your little ones to explore, squishy teddy bears to befriend, beach balls and array of toys to enjoy on a soft bouncy bed of trampolines plus they can let loose in the House of Play a dedicated soft play house for under 6's. 
With 80% less shock and 3 times the work out, you can burn up to 1000 calories in one session - you do the maths! Altitude Fitness is low impact and combines core exercises and strength-building aerobics making it one of the most dynamic and effective work outs you can get! 
Grab your mates or your family members and spend an hour beating each other with balls! Dodgeball on trampolines is fast paced and serious amounts of fun. Teamwork and strategy will lead you to victory, Dodge, Duck, Dip & Dive - let the games begin! 
All this activity will work up an appetite, you can choose something tasty to eat from 2 cafes both of which are fully stacked with an excellent range of hot and cold food, snacks and drinks for you to enjoy. 
Free Wi-Fi Available too.