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The Seal Sanctuary Mablethorpe

A day out to Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary offers a unique nature experience Walk through two acres of sand dunes only fifty metres from the sea and gain first hand experience of some of the county's most stunning wildlife.

The Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary has rescued hundreds of injured and orphaned seals. In a specially designed hospital, the seals are looked after until they can be released back into the wild. The wildlife hospital treats the grey common seals.

After a period of rehabilitation all the animals that can fend for themselves are returned to the wild, but those that cannot are given sanctuary here. As well as conservation, education also plays an important part of the Seal Sanctuary's role in the community. Visitors will find the natural history projects both fascinating and inspirational.

Two walkthrough features take a journey back in time and visitors can search for hidden fossils as well as seeing living descendants of Lincolnshires prehistoric past, including the dinosaurs. Your time travelling concludes with our seal sanctuary pools, but only after you have been through an Ice Age tunnel.

See if you can spot the lynx, snowy owls, wildcats and eagle owls that used to live wild in Lincolnshire. At its heart, The Seal Sanctuary is committed to conserving nature. Every person who visits is contributing towards the care of animals, and our aim is that every visitor will leave with a better understanding of the natural world we live in.