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New Flower Power Family Trail!

The new trail, to be launched on Saturday 22nd July, is aimed at families with primary school aged children and will take visitors around the Garden to meet fabulous flowers and find out about the groovy creatures that pollinate them.
Hannah Elkington, Community Learning Officer at the Garden says: “We’re delighted to launch our summer 'Flower Power' Trail. We've chosen a funky 1960s inspired design for the trail which we hope our visitors will love! The aim of the trail is to lead visitors to various flowers and introduce them to the fascinating ways that the flowers appeal to the creatures that pollinate them. When they have completed each page, they can mark it off with a groovy sticker!”
Cambridge University Botanic Garden covers 40 acres and is home to over 8,000 species of trees and plants from all across the globe. The plant collections support University teaching and research and offer an exciting introduction to the natural world for families, schools and visitors of all ages. 
Hannah continues: “The trail will encourage visitors to track down flowers such those that appear on the spectacular Indian clock vine which hang down to allow birds to feed from them; to discover which pollinators come out in the dark for night-time flowers and there’s even a mini bee survey to try out at our stunning Bee Borders. We hope that as visitors explore our beautiful Garden, they will discover more about how flower shape, pattern and scent affect which creatures come along to feed from them.”